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Size: XS
Style: Right
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A low profile AirX wrap that allows uninterrupted finger function and provides adjustable support to the thumb CMC joint. Excellent in the treatment of osteoarthritis and medial subluxation. The adjustable strap can be wrapped around the first CMC and MCP joints to provide targeted joint support.

Moisture-transporting material
The unique AirX fabric has the ability to transport moisture efficiently away from the body. The layering of fibre structures promotes a moisture wicking process, which results in a dry comfortable feeling to the surface of the skin so that body always feels fresh and dry. AirX gives the body optimal freedom to breathe reduces the risk of skin maceration which results in improved patient compliance.

A pleasant surprise
It is hard not to be impressed. AirX is made of a soft, lightweight material that perfectly follows the contours of the body. This means that AirX adapts itself perfectly to the body so that it feels extremely comfortable to wear even for long periods at a time a feature, which is often a problem with orthopaedic and sport medical braces and supports. In this way, AirX is a comfortable material that helps to to increased patient compliance without you even knowing! 


Size Code (left) Code (right) Wrist Circumference
Infant ATRS/11 ATRS/21 11cm - 14cm
Child ATRS/12 ATRS/22 14cm - 17cm
S ATRS/13 ATRS/23 15cm - 18cm
S+ ATRS/13+ ATRS/23+ 17cm - 18cm
M ATRS/15 ATRS/25 18cm - 20cm
M+ ATRS/15+ ATRS/25+ 20cm - 21cm
L ATRS/17 ATRS/27 20cm - 23cm
L+ ATRS/17+ ATRS/27+ 21cm - 24cm
XL ATRS/18 ATRS/28 23cm - 25cm

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