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First aid burn gel dressing

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Size: 10x10 cm
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KONIX Sterile First Aid Burn Dressing provides fast, effective relief for all types of burn injuries including heat burns, sun burns, electrical burns, scalds, cuts, and abrasions. Our unique formula contains melaleuca (tea tree) oil, a natural ingredient known for its local anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. This scientifically-proven gel rapidly cools the skin, stops the burn from progressing, and reduces pain for a more comfortable recovery. 


The indications for Konix® Sterile First Aid Burn Dressing product are as follows:

• Helps to relieve the sensitivity of the burned area shortly after the application.

• It cools and moisturizes the burnt area.

• It prevents the deepening of the burn by stopping the movement of heat to the lower layers of the skin.

• It prevents the infection caused by the external environment by covering the burn completely. It starts the healing phase of the tissue.

• Protects the burnt area against abrasion, friction and drying.

• Konix® Sterile First Aid Burn Dressing dissolves easily with normal water and does not leave any residue after washing the injured area.

• Used for  first aid in all kinds of burn injuries (heat burns, sunburns, electrical burns, scalds, cuts, abrasions).


Konix® Sterile First Aid Burn Dressingl is suitable for children, adults and infants over 1 month old. It should be used under physician control in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. The product is for human use only. It should not be used for animals. The products are sterile and single-use. 


Konix Burn Dressing is an effective and simple application to treat burns and reduce
sensitivity. The package is opened from the prescribed section, the dressing is removed from the package and placed directly on the burn without rubbing. It is lightly fixed with fingertips and left in place for up to 4 hours. At the end of the application, the dressing is simply removed and the remaining gel is wiped off with a dry and clean cloth. If the burn is in an area that makes it difficult to place the dressing fixed, Konix Sterile Burn Dressing is fixed with the help of a standard bandage.
Available three sizes of dressings - 10x10 cm, 20x20 cm and 30x30 cm.
10x10 cm and 20x20 cm size dressings are suitable for hand, arm and finger burns.
30x30 cm size dressing is used for foot, chest, back and limb burns. 
The dressing is applied only once as first aid and saves time for healthcare personnel. It is sterilized by gamma radiation. Before using Konix® Sterile First Aid Burn Dressing products in chemical burns, the injured area should be neutralized and then Konix Sterile First Aid Burn Dressing Products should be used. In electrical burns, the electric current must be turned off and the injured person must first be rescued from the electric current, then Konix® Sterile First Aid Burn Dressing can be applied on the injured area.

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