Thumb orthosis - Skier's thumb

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Size: S
Style: Right
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Thumb (Skier’s thumb) orthosis is the right product for typical sport injuries in case of tennis, golf, or several other sport arts, where our thumbs can get injured, splayed or dislocated. With its special corrugated aluminium structure it can provide a real and efficient immobilization for our thumb, and can support a real resting of the joint. 

Immobilisation of the I. metacarpophalangeal (I.MCP) joint in case of injuries, distorsion, i.e.skier’s thumb. Partial immobilization of the thumb saddle joint, recommended for day use.

In addition, it is proposed for various thumb MCP injuries, distorsions, rehabilitation following fractures, or as a complement to appropriate surgical procedures around the thumb MCP, at the discretion of the sugreon.

S (small)


Width of palm

< 8 cm

M (medium)


Width of palm

8-9 cm

L (large)


Width of palm

9 < cm


Polyethylene (PE) foam, polyamide (PA) velour, cotton, corrugated and perforated aluminium