Delivering breakthrough designs and breaking the mold in spinal bracing has been our inspiration for 25 years. From the inception, Aspen has brought to market the Aspen Cervical Collar which inspired change in the industry approach to cervical care. This set the stage for numerous breakthroughs in spinal bracing that help solve both clinical and business challenges through a bold, innovative approach. Aspen is driven by the expectations of our customers and of ourselves.

As an important tool in a patient’s recovery, we understand the critical nature of what we do. We take a needs-based approach and design with both the healthcare provider and patient in mind. We invest significantly in R&D and provide vital clinical testing that is second to none and expected by our customers. As experts in our field, our direct sales force supports effective outcomes through ongoing education and in-service training. Backed by clinically tested products, Aspen’s established professional medical community is well equipped to help offer the best patient outcomes through research driven designs.


Tenortho embodies the concept of tradition running towards the future. Orthopaedics is the reason to live for the Tentorio family. This new company founded in 2009 is the result of their passion. Over the years, they transformed it in a story of entrepreneurial success. A young look hides a 50-year-long experience of professionalism, passion and success in the field of orthopedic orthoses and rehabilitation. A mix of innovation and tradition, research, attention to detail and evolved materials: these distinctive features make Tenortho a company like no other. Producer of the real Made in Italy so much appreciated in the World

Their spirit, the Made in Italy and the desire to offer always new, cutting-edge products and solutions are the features characterizing Tenortho. The client is the focus of each choice, thanks to an all-round service and a product designed exclusively to meet his needs and requirements. The main objective is to improve the quality of life of the patient during the rehabilitation process and, above all, to enable him to recover his physical health as quickly as possible. The constant dialogue with Specialists of the sector increases the company know-how thus allowing the process of continuous improvement of the quality standards of their products.



Our goal is to improve people’s health, reduce their limb pain and speed up their recovery after injuries or specific diseases by develop world-class orthoses and related medical accessories. Based on our 25 years of experience and constant feedback from our customers, we develop, test and manufacture our product on our own R&D facilities in Switzerland and Hungary.

CHRISOFIX® holds several industry-trendsetter patents internationally, and further patents are under registration.

CHRISOFIX AG and CHRISOFIX HUNGARY Ltd. (previously ORKRISZ Ltd) are privately owned companies. They are responsible for designing, developing, manufacturing, and sale a world-wide patented product range of orthopedic splints/orthoses. The two legally independent companies represent two closely related independent parts: central services (Chrisofix AG, Switzerland) and the production plant (Chrisofix Hungary Ltd, Hungary).

The first patent on CHRISOFIX® technology was filed by K. Bolla MD., the founder of CHRISOFIX Ltd. (Schaffhausen, Switzerland) at the end of 1995. The manufacturing of the CHRISOFIX® products was started in 1997 by Orkrisz Ltd. (Budapest). Since then, CHRISOFIX Ltd. has been continuously extending its product range by developing new, patent-protected splinting technologies and products. 

The CHRISOFIX® technology is the newest fixation method characterized by combining the advantages of circular (e.g. plaster of Paris, thermoplastic materials) and segmental fixations (splints and orthoses). The use of CHRISOFIX® products makes the splinting quicker and more economical than the earlier developed limb fixation methods At the end of 2020 the Chrisofix group was sold to professional private investors, and with a new management and ambitious business strategy the company is being prepared for improve the relationship with its existing partners, and for further scale-up and to conquer new markets, worldwide.  

The new management is determined to keep the core values of CHRISOFIX® set by the founders, and to build long-lasting partnerships with all existing and future partners.